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New Year’s at Pismo Beach

Posted in Uncategorized by cj4nier44 on January 8, 2009

We left for Pismo on the 30th with three trailers in a caravan. One in our caravan is very unorganized and he left his house without checking to see if his tires were OK for the trip. Between Chowchilla and Madera he got a flat tire and had no spare. He had to borrow a spare and all his tires were checked to make sure they were alright. That delayed us by an hour on top of him being almost an hour late for the 7 AM  departure time. We didn’t get on the beach until 2 PM. The trip usually takes about 4 and 1/2 hours from our home to the beach. But, when you travel in a caravan you always have someone who is not organized. Especially this one! Pismo looked sunny and beautiful. When we got to the gate to check in we found that they did not have us on their list. We always make our reservation through and have not had any problems in the past. We had to leave the beach and make some phone calls only to find out that we did have reservations for five nights on the beach. Back to the beach and our names were found on the list of reservations. Once you are on the beach you have to air down your tires so you can drive on the sand. I don’t know how low my husband aired down but we got stuck in the sand and he had to air down some more.  Farther down the beach the sand got really bad and we were stuck again. My husband was getting a little agitated and got out and aired down both the truck and the trailer tires. That did the trick. I think he aired them down to 20 pounds. We had no problems after that. We usually camp around poll 5 but this time our group was at poll 7. That is way down to almost the end of the beach. The early arrivals in our group had taped off a large circle because there were 25 trailer in all coming for New Year’s. Our grandson, Josh, was already there with his friend and his friend’s family. Josh had been their since Saturday and had to leave the next morning because he and his friend’s father had to work on New Year’s Day. His friend’s father is a detective with the Police Department. So, we got very little visit time with Josh.  Later that evening Josh’s dad, our Son, arrived. During the course of the evening and the next day all the 25 trailers were there. That is the largest group we have had so far. Most of them we knew and some were friends of friends. We had a good time. We had some wind and some rain but mostly sunshine. I spent a  lot of time visiting and sitting in the sun reading. I managed to read a whole book. Our Son brought his turkey fryer and on Friday night we deep fried a turkey. It was a 12 pound turkey and there wasn’t any left. Of course when you have 17 people eating a 12 pound turkey it doesn’t make for any leftovers. But, when I bought the turkey I bought a second one and had the butcher cut it in half. We brought the half of turkey and deep fried it so we had turkey sandwiches on Saturday afternoon. We sliced off all the meat and put it in a frying pan to warm it a little and put the frying pan, a loaf of sliced french bread and mayonnaise on a table and it was gone in no time. We had everything set up outside our trailer. We had a table with our bar b que on it and chairs and two little serving tables. Almost like home. It was fun. Here is a pictures of our little abode on the beach.


Our trailer is the one with the Christmas tree in front. We also have a portable fire pit and it sure comes in handy on those cold nights. We spent a lot of time huddled around it and visiting.

We had so many trailers that every group had dug their own fire pit in the sand. One was very elaborate and I wish I had taken a picture of it. It was really deep and around the sides they put sand ledges with flat pieces of plywood to sit on. They were actually sitting in the pit. I don’t think I would feel comfortable sitting in it. It took them hours to dig one that big. We had 17 people in our group so we mostly stayed within our own groups until New Year’s Eve. We all got together for the fireworks. Most of the fireworks were illegal but I think the rangers turn a blind eye when it comes to New Year’s Eve. One of our friends went to Las Vegas for the rodeo and brought back fireworks that are not legal in California. They had them all in a line and a few minutes before midnight they started lighting them off. The sky was lit up like daylight when they all went off. A very beautiful sight. I tried to get pictures but it was hard to get at just the right time. I did manage to get this one.


New Year’s Day was very quiet. No one came out of their trailers until late morning. Our Granddaughter had a really sore throat and when I looked at her throat I knew she had strep. Our Son had to take her into town to emergency to get her on antibiotics. She felt so bad and didn’t feel any better the next morning so our Son let her go home with friends who had to leave on Friday morning. It took a few days for her to feel better.

I got some really good pictures of the sunset on the beach. I was out on the beach every evening when the sun started to go down to get some good pictures. Here are a couple that I took.



We waked on the beach almost every day except for the day it was drizzling off and on. We got this picture of our friend in his sand rail going down the beach. He offered me a ride but I knew I would have sand in places that I would not want sand!!


Here I am on the beach. I can’t think of a better way to spend New Year’s than walking on the beach and enjoying the ocean and people you like being with.


Sunday morning we are packing things up for the trip home. We found it was high tide and the sand was really mushy. It was hard driving out and our trailer was bouncing all over the place. Our’s was not the only one.  Here we are packed and ready to leave.


This is what the sand looked like on the way off the beach.


We stopped when we got past the bad sand and had to air our tires up to normal for the drive home. Five days on the beach. Five days of visiting, walking on the beach, reading, eating and just soaking in the sun. What a way to end 2008. Very relaxing!


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